Never use Fly Spray again!

The only High Performance Quality Bug-Zapper on the market today,
THE EXECUTIONER® offers a one-year guarantee.

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Have Fun Zapping Those Bugs!

Indoors or outdoors, the Executioner® is safe, practical and fun.

Includes weather-resistant carrying case

22" long racket, 7" x 9" face

Lightweight, easy to use, non-toxic and convenient

Tested over 100,000 zaps on a pair of AA batteries

Positive on/off switch with red LED indicator

Consumer Electronics tested and approved, the safest racket available


With a screen made of 1.5 mm zinc steel rods &  a surface area of 48 sq. in., The EXECUTIONERr®  has the strongest and largest zapping area of any racket on the market today

Made Of ABS Re -Inforced High Impact Plastic. Surperior Professional Quality In Materials And Safety!

Best top-quality electronics available, with positive On/Off button and red LED active warning indicator.

Tested over 100,000 zaps!

You can try to Execute these Pests with Towels, Rolled Newspapers, Magazines or Fly Swatters, but nothing works like....